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Editor´s Picks
Shanghai Regulator: Speaking Fees to Physicians Constitute Bribery(8/14/2018 )  (Premium)
SCMP: Fierce Competition in China's Nascent Immuno-therapy Cancer Drugs Market Could Compromise Safety(8/14/2018 )  (Premium)
China National Drug Administration Sets Guidelines for Overseas Drug Trial Data(8/14/2018 )  (Premium)
Big Pharma Opportunities Aplenty in China(8/14/2018 )  (Premium)
The Market
SMEI: Chinese Drug Terminal Market Up 6.9% in H1(8/13/2018 )  (Premium)
Industry News
Adlai Nortye Opens R&D Site in Boston(8/17/2018 )  (free)
China Grand Given More Time for Acquisition Offer to Sinclair Pharma(8/16/2018 )  (Premium)
CNDA Approves Hengrui¡¯s Breast Cancer Drug Pyrotinib Conditionally(8/16/2018 )  (Premium)
Kintor and Frontier Reportedly Seeking IPOs in Hong Kong(8/16/2018 )  (Premium)
Chinese Pharma Growth Continues to Slow as Shares of Online Pharmacies and CHCs Go Up(8/16/2018 )  (Premium)
Chinese Online Drugstore 111 Inc. Files For $200M US IPO(8/15/2018 )  (Premium)
Blackstone Invests $400M in YiChang HEC Change(8/15/2018 )  (Premium)
IQVIA: Peeking Into China's Healthcare Deals(8/14/2018 )  (Premium)
EU: Zhejiang Tianyu the Second Chinese Producer of Tainted Heart Drug(8/14/2018 )  (Premium)
India's Pharmexcil to sign MoU with China Trade Body for Expedite Drug Approvals(8/14/2018 )  (Premium)
Haisco and Pneuma Enter Equity Investment and China Distribution Deal(8/13/2018 )  (Premium)
Regulatory News
CDE Solicits Comments of Draft Guidelines for Aluminum Adjuvant in Preventative Vaccines(8/17/2018 )  (Premium)
Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission Announces Proposed Addition of 40 Biologics in ChP 2020(8/14/2018 )  (Premium)
General Health
NHC and SATCM Issue Notice for Building of Tiered Medical Service System(8/14/2018 )  (Premium)
State Council Issues Notice to Divide Fiscal Responsibilities of Central and Local Governments for Healthcare(8/14/2018 )  (Premium)
Legal/IPR News
Trump Lashes Out on China and Mexico for Opioid and Fentanyl "Warfare"(8/16/2018 )  (Premium)
Gilead's Key Sovaldi Patent Claims Partially Invalidated in China(8/16/2018 )  (Premium)
Product/R&D News
CANbridge Approved to Commence CAN017 Ib/III Trial for ESCC in China(8/14/2018 )  (free)
Sihuan Pharma's Self-Developed Anticancer Pirotinib Commenced Phase II Trial in China(8/14/2018 )  (free)
API/Bulk Drug News
Indian Drugmakers Hit by Rising Prices of Chinese Intermediates(8/16/2018 )  (Premium)
FDA Warns Four Manufacturers from China, India and Canada(8/14/2018 )  (Premium)
People in the News
Recent Executive Moves(8/17/2018 )  (Premium)
Top Drug Regulators and Senior Local Officials Punished over Vaccine Scandal(8/16/2018 )  (Premium)
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