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Editor´s Picks
Breaking News on New Policies of Innovative Drugs in China(4/19/2018 )  (Premium)
Chinese Money Floods U.S. Biotech as Beijing Chases New Cures(4/18/2018 )  (Premium)
China Announces New Initiatives to Level the Playing Field for Innovative and Generic Drugs(4/18/2018 )  (Premium)
U.S. Businesses Worried over Chinese Policy Initiative(4/17/2018 )  (Premium)
China Will Always Be Bad at Bioethics(4/17/2018 )  (free)
Why Immuno-Therapy Is Leaving Markets Abuzz Across the World(4/17/2018 )  (Premium)
Goldman Sachs: China Is Beating the U.S. in the Gene Editing Arms Race(4/17/2018 )  (Premium)
Industry News
Tocagen Licenses Greater China Rights for Phase III Cancer Immunotherapy to ApolloBio(4/19/2018 )  (Premium)
Pfenex and NT Pharma Agree over Bioequivalent Generic of Forteo(4/19/2018 )  (Premium)
WuXi AppTec Expands Site in the U.S. for Drug Development Testing Services(4/19/2018 )  (free)
Takeda Launches Multiple Myeloma Drug Ninlaro in China(4/18/2018 )  (Premium)
Morphotek Licenses Its Eribulin-Linker Payload To Bliss Bio(4/18/2018 )  (Premium)
Alliance Pharma Sells Chinese JV and Rights of Pregnancy Supplement for GBP 2.9M(4/17/2018 )  (Premium)
China Performance of Korean Pharma Cos Mixed in 2017 with Hanmi and Il-yang Up Sharply(4/17/2018 )  (Premium)
Regulatory News
CDE Releases Two Draft Clinical Guidelines for Public Comments(4/19/2018 )  (Premium)
CNDA Solicits Comments on Clinical Guidelines for Acute Heart Failure Drugs(4/19/2018 )  (Premium)
CNDA Outlines Five Focal Areas of Its Work in 2018(4/18/2018 )  (Premium)
GlobalData: Chinese Pharma Regulatory Reforms to Help Attract Foreign Investment(4/17/2018 )  (Premium)
China to Cut Review Time for Clinical Trial Applications with Plan to Expand Reviewer Force(4/17/2018 )  (Premium)
General Health
China Publishes First Health Management Bluebook(4/18/2018 )  (Premium)
China to Roll Out New Measures to Boost Internet + Healthcare(4/16/2018 )  (Premium)
Product/R&D News
Sinovac Announces Preliminary Results of Phase III Trial on sIPV(4/19/2018 )  (Premium)
BeiGene Presents Clinical Data on Pamiparib in Chinese Patients(4/17/2018 )  (free)
JHL Files Clinical Trial Application for Avastin (Bevacizumab) Biosimilar(4/17/2018 )  (Premium)
Opdivo (Nivolumab) Improves Survival in Pretreated Chinese NSCLC Patients(4/16/2018 )  (Premium)
People in the News
Recent Executive Moves(4/19/2018 )  (Premium)
Other News
China to Set Up Hainan Free Trade Zone, Further Benefiting Medical Tourism(4/16/2018 )  (Premium)
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