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Editor´s Picks
U.S. Targeting of Chinese Scientists Fuels a Brain Drain(7/18/2019 )  (Premium)
Trade War and China's Changing Trade Mark Law(7/16/2019 )  (Premium)
The Market
SMEI President Reviews Pharma Industry Performance with Lowered Growth Forecast for 2019(7/16/2019 )  (Premium)
Industry News
Alphamab Oncology Files IPO at HKEX(7/18/2019 )  (Premium)
GenScript's Biologics R&D and Production Center Becomes Operation(7/18/2019 )  (free)
SMEI Releases Rankings of Top 100 Chinese Retail Pharmacy Chains in 2018(7/18/2019 )  (Premium)
60% of 135 Listed Biopharma Companies Issued Positive H1 Performance Guidance(7/17/2019 )  (Premium)
China Daily: Latest Healthy China Guideline Targets Chronic Illnesses(7/17/2019 )  (Premium)
X4 and Abbisko Enter Oncology Development Partnership for Mavorixafor in Greater China(7/17/2019 )  (Premium)
Cipla Re-enters Chinese Market in JV with Jiangsu Acebright Pharma(7/16/2019 )  (Premium)
SMEI Releases Ranking of Top 100 Chinese Biopharma Companies in 2018(7/16/2019 )  (Premium)
Chinese Biopharma Startups Raised $1,645M and Launched Seven IPOs in H1(7/16/2019 )  (Premium)
Luye Pharma's Transdermal Patch Receives German Medical Regulatory Approval(7/16/2019 )  (Premium)
CDE Issues Notice on Reference of Exemption Guidelines for Human BE Studies(7/15/2019 )  (Premium)
SinoMab Files IPO in Hong Kong, Making It the First Homegrown Biotech To Do So(7/15/2019 )  (Premium)
Regulatory News
State Council Issues Policy to Establish Inspection Forces for Drug Safety(7/18/2019 )  (free)
CDE Unleashes Mid-Year Report on Clinical Trial Registration with BE Tests Accounting for 19%(7/18/2019 )  (Premium)
NMPA Issues New Document on Linked Evaluation and Approval of APIs, Excipients and Packaging Materials(7/17/2019 )  (Premium)
General Health
Snapshot of BMI System Financial Performance in H1/2019(7/18/2019 )  (Premium)
State Council Issues the Action Plan for Healthy China Initiative(7/15/2019 )  (Premium)
Central Government Urges to Enhanced Basic Medical Care for Impoverished Population(7/15/2019 )  (free)
People in the News
Swiss Agrees to Extradite Chinese Scientist to US for Corporate Espionage(7/16/2019 )  (Premium)
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