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Expert Opinions
China's Removal of Imported Drug Tariffs: Implications for Foreign and Domestic Companies(6/21/2018 )  (Premium)
  China's recently slashed its imported drug tariffs to reduce drug prices, espeically those for cancers. But what does this mean for international and Chinese pharma companies? How should they position themselves in the wake of this new policy?
The Market
IQVia: Overview of Urban Chinese Hospital Drug Sales in 2017(6/20/2018 )  (Premium)
  The Chinese urban hospital drug sales were up 3.3% in the MAT Q4/2017, according to IQVia's China Hospital Pharmaceutical Audit (CHPA). The slowing growth was attributed by IQVia to be public hospital reform and a host of cost containment measures including overall hospital expenditure and drug consumption ratio cap, BMI scheme for price negotiation and intensified centralized hospital tender purchase.
IQVia: Overview of Chinese Urban Retail Pharmacy Market in 2017(6/20/2018 )  (Premium)
  Driven by rising average price and growth in tier 1 and 2 cities, the sales of Chinese prefecture-level urban retail pharmacy market reached CNY 169.3 billion in the MAT Q4/2017, growing 3.9% at slightly faster pace than MAT Q3/2017, according to IQVia PharmaTrend.
Industry News
Tot Biopharm Opens New Biologics Facility in Suzhou(6/22/2018 )  (free)
  Chinese bio-pharma developer, manufacturer and marketer of oncology drugs Tot Biopharm recently announced on June 22 that its second phase project, a monoclonal antibodies (mAb) production site with 16,000L capacity, was inaugurated in Suzhou Industrial Park in May 2018.
Pacira Pharma and Nuance Biotech Announce License Agreement for EXPAREL in China(6/22/2018 )  (Premium)
  Pacira Pharma and Nuance Biotech announced on June 19 that they have entered into an agreement with Nuance, a China based specialty pharmaceutical company, to advance the development and commercialization of EXPAREL (bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension) in China.
CASI Pharma Enters Agreement With Yiling Wanzhou for Entecavir and Cilostazol(6/22/2018 )  (Premium)
  CASI Pharma announced on June 19 a strategic and long-term manufacturing agreement with Yiling Wanzhou International Pharmaceutical for the manufacturing of entecavir and cilostazol. Agreement marks significant milestone for two of the 29 ANDAs acquired by CASI from Sandoz in January 2018.
Wuxi Biologics Initiated Construction of Integrated ADC Solution Center(6/20/2018 )  (Premium)
  Chinese CMDO WuXi Biologics announced on June 20 that it has started the construction of a state-of-the-art integrated biologics conjugate solution center in Wuxi city, China.
Cipla Reportedly in Talks with Desano for A Majority-owned Chinese JV(6/20/2018 )  (Premium)
  Indian press Economic Times reports that pharma major Cipla is looking to renew its ties with Shanghai-based Desano and is eyeing a joint venture with a 75:25 split. The JV, talks of which are likely at a binding stage, may cover both API and formulations segments.
Overview of Chinese In-licensing of Foreign Investigational New Drugs 2007-2017(6/20/2018 )  (Premium)
  The in-licensing of foreign INDs by Chinese firms began to take off in 2013 and the trend intensified with a total of 75 deals between 2013 and 2017. The number of deals peaked in 2017 at 20, according to data from Pharmcube.
Pacira and Nuance Bio Announce License Agreement for Exparel in China(6/20/2018 )  (Premium)
  Pacira Pharma and Nuance Biotech announced on June 19 that they have entered into an agreement with Nuance, a China based specialty pharmaceutical company, to advance the development and commercialization of EXPAREL (bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension) in China.
Sedor and Los Altos Enter Greater China License Agreement for CE-Meloxicam(6/20/2018 )  (Premium)
  Los Altos Pharma has received exclusive development, manufacturing and commercialization rights for Captisol-enabled (CE)-Meloxicam in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and will collaborate with Sedor on the development.
Merck and Alibaba Health Announce Collaboration to Develop Patient-Centric Digital Services in China(6/19/2018 )  (Premium)
  Both companies announced the collaboration will focus on the areas of drug track and trace and internet health services, and to jointly explore areas such as pharmaceutical e-commerce and artificial intelligence.
Johnson & Johnson Launches J&J Institute for Asia Pacific Region in Beijing(6/19/2018 )  (Premium)
  U.S. healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson launched its first Johnson & Johnson Institute with virtual reality technology for the Asia-Pacific region in China, as the company said it sees the country as one of its most important markets.
Stealth Bio Announces $100M Financing to Advance Development of Elamipretide and Pipeline(6/19/2018 )  (Premium)
  Stealth BioTherapeutics, a clinical-stage biopharma company developing a first-in-class platform of novel therapeutic compounds for mitochondrial dysfunction, announced on June 19 the closing of an aggregate $100 mln of financing in two convertible note rounds led respectively by Nan Fung's Pivotal Beta.
Alpha Biopharma Announces Series A Financing(6/19/2018 )  (free)
  Alpha Biopharma announced on June 19 the first $37M closing of its $65M Series A financing led by Qiming Venture Partners. The proceeds from this financing will be used to conduct a global multi-center Phase II clinical study of lead product AZD3759, as well as expansion of AlphaBio's product pipeline.
MNCs Lose Top Talents to Booming Domestic Biopharma Startups(6/19/2018 )  (Premium)
  Former senior China executives at MNCs including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, GSK and J&J have switched to local companies in recent months as a booming domestic biotechnology sector drawing record investment and developing drugs for global markets.
CITIC Capital Proposes To Acquire China Biologic for $3.65B(6/19/2018 )  (Premium)
  A unit of Chinese investment firm CITIC Capital Holdings Ltd. has offered to buy NASDAQ-listed biotech firm China Biologic Products Holdings, Inc. for US$3.65 billion, according to a security filing by CITIC.
India Releases Study for Enhancing Access to the Chinese Pharma Market(6/19/2018 )  (Premium)
  Indian pharma companies should enter into strategic alliances and partnership with local manufacturers and distributors in China for getting greater market access in that country, an Indian commerce ministry sponsored study has recommended.
Regulatory News
State Council Makes Decisions on Registration of Foreign New Drugs, Price Reduction of Anticancers and Shortage Drug Supply(6/21/2018 )  (Premium)
  The State Council held its latest executive meeting, which was chaired by Premiere LI Keqiang, on June 20. The meeting made the following three decisions regarding registration of foreign new drugs, price reduction of anticancers, and supply of shortage drugs.
General Health
China's Antibiotic Consumption Lowered in 2017(6/20/2018 )  (Premium)
  The use of antibiotics in China dropped to 7.7% in outpatient services and 36.8% in inpatient services in 2017, according to the National Health Commission (NHC).
Legal/IPR News
MSF Challenges Gilead's Chinese Patent HCV Drug Velpatasvir(6/20/2018 )  (Premium)
  Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) filed a legal patent challenge today at China¡¯s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), requesting the invalidation of the patent it granted to Gilead Sciences in 2012 for the oral hepatitis C medicine velpatasvir.
Product/R&D News
Luye Pharma's Class 1.1 New Analgesic to Start Phase I Trial in China(6/20/2018 )  (Premium)
  Luye Pharma Group announced on June 19 that the company's China Class 1.1 investigational drug for analgesic, LY03012 (extended release tablets), will now soon commence Phase I clinical trials.
Other News
Upcoming Event: Shanghai eHealth Workshop(6/20/2018 )  (free)
  Shanghai eHealth Workshop will be held on July 5, 2018 at Shanghai Innovation Centre, Shanghai, China.
European Chamber Warns China over Uneven Market Access and Treatment for EU Businesses(6/20/2018 )  (Premium)
  Without ¡°meaningful¡± efforts to open up and level the playing field, China will lose its appeal as a top investment destination for foreign firms and its hi-tech ambitions could also be held back, the EU Chamber of Commerce in China said.
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