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J&J Worldwide Pharma Chairman Joaquin Duato's Interview with China Daily: Serving in the Name of Progress(9/13/2017 )  (Premium)
  In an interview with China Daily, Joaquin Duato, J&J's executive vice-president and worldwide chairman of pharmaceuticals, talked about the company's vision, its strategy in China, and his love of tennis and giant pandas.
Editor´s Picks
Anti-monopoly Enforcement Trends in China's Healthcare Industry(9/13/2017 )  (Premium)
  This International Law Office article by Michael Gu and Sihui Sun at AnJie Law Firm warns healthcare companies to watch for any developing trends in Chinese anti-monopoly investigations and strengthen their relevant compliances.
China Liberalises Policy on Medical Institutions(9/13/2017 )  (Premium)
  This Lexology article by Karen Ip, Vik Tang, Natalie Bryce and James Gong of Herbert Smith Freehills LLP highlights the key policies in a recent NHFPC Circular to liberalize medical institutions and sets out their observations on the regime.
Regulatory Changes Position China as a Global Clinical Trial Destination(9/11/2017 )  (Premium)
  This Applied Clinical Trials article by Philip Gregory, Managing Director of George Clinical, suggests that "the increase in drug approvals sought under Category I will result in global multi-center trials with programs in China becoming a key strategy for drug developers".
The Market
QuintilesIMS: Chinese Retail Pharmacy Sales Up 1. 4% in MAT Q2/2017(9/12/2017 )  (Premium)
  The sales of OTC drugs and health foods of Chinese retail pharmacy sector reached CNY 78.4 billion in MAT Q2/2017 (12 months ending the end of June 2017), up 1.4% , slightly higher compared with the second quarter of 2016, according to IMS PharmaTrend, which monitors retail pharmacies in 41 Tier 1/2 thru 4 representative Chinese cities.
QuintilesIMS: Chinese Hospital Drug Sales Up 6.3% in Q2/2017(9/12/2017 )  (Premium)
  The Chinese hospital drug sales were up 6.3% in the MAT Q2/2017, according to QuitilesIMS quoting its China Hospital Pharmaceutical Audit (CHPA).
Industry News
Eyeing Potential Baby Boom, Aspen Pharma Plans China Expansion(9/15/2017 )  (Premium)
  Aspen Pharmacare plans aggressively to push its products in China as it expects a baby boom following on the abandonment of its one-child policy. China marked the end of the 35-year-old measure in January 2016, allowing couples now to have two children.
Recent Executive Moves(9/14/2017 )  (Premium)
  Recent Chinese pharma executive movements at companies including I-Mab Biopharma/Janssen, Credit Suisse, CANbridge Life Sciences and ShangPharma.
Hanall Biopharma, HarbourBIoMed in Licensing Deal for China Rights of Two Biologicals(9/13/2017 )  (Premium)
  South Korea's Hanall Biopharma said on September 12 that it has licensed out two new bio drugs under development to China's HarbourBioMed, at $81 million (91.5 billion won).
Shire Reveals Ambition to Fight Rare Diseases in China during GT Interview(9/11/2017 )  (Premium)
  During the 12th ICROD, Peter Fang, head of the Asia-Pacific region of biotech company Shire and Dr. Martina Muttke, head of international medical affairs at Shire, had an interview with the Global Times (GT), talking about the company's business and innovation in rare disease treatments.
China to Complete Establishment of National Rare Disease Registry by 2020(9/11/2017 )  (Premium)
  China plans to preliminarily complete before 2020 the establishment of its national rare disease registry, which is expected to register 50 rare diseases and 50,000 relevant cases, according to Shuyang Zhang, Vice President of Beijing Union Hospital at the 12th Annual ICORD Conference.
HitGen and Takeda Enter DNA-Encoded Library Based Drug Discovery Research Collaboration(9/11/2017 )  (Premium)
  HitGen Ltd announced on September 11 that the company has entered into a research collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited to discover novel small molecule leads for multiple targets in Takeda's therapeutic areas of interest.
Regulatory News
CFDA Solicits Comments on Draft Announcement for Amendment of Drug Registration Acceptance Process(9/13/2017 )  (Premium)
  The CFDA released a draft document, Announcement on Adjustments to the Drug Registration Acceptance Process, on September 13. It is now seeking public comments on this proposed document.
CFDA Issues New Announcement (2017#109) for Clinical Data Self-Inspection(9/13/2017 )  (Premium)
  The CFDA issued a new announcement (CFDA Announcement 2017#91) on September 13 about onsite inspection of 22 drug applications which completed clinical studies and are seeking production or import approvals. Among them, three applications are for import drugs from Bayer and Hanmei.
CFDA Issues Technical Guidelines for TCM Post Marketing Production Process Changes(9/11/2017 )  (Premium)
  The CFDA issued a new document, Technical Guidelines for Research on Post Marketing Production Process Changes of TCMs (CFDA Announcement 2017#141), on September 11.
General Health
China Sees Rising Incidence of Breast Cancer in Recent Years(9/15/2017 )  (Premium)
  Breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer among women on the mainland, accounting for about 15% of all new cases of cancer every year, according to the latest data published by the registry. Women age 35 or younger account for 10% to 15% of all breast cancer patients.
China Sets Up The Changing Diabetes Foundation with Help of Novo Nordisk(9/14/2017 )  (free)
  The Changing Diabetes Fund was set up in Beijing on September 14. It was led by the China Health and Medical Development Foundation and supported by Novo Nordisk. The fund aims to encourage people with diabetes to exercise to help their bodies to regulate their glucose levels naturally.
NHFPC Releases 2016 Annual Health and Family Planning Sector Development Report (Full Summary)(9/14/2017 )  (Premium)
  China¡¯s total healthcare expenditures in 2016 grew 14.2% (vs. 14.7%in 2015, 11.7% in 2014) to CNY 4,634.49 billion. Average per capita healthcare expenditures in China, on the other hand, rose 12.4% to CNY 3,351.7 (vs. CNY 2,980.8 in 2015, CNY 2,586.5 in 2014), according to NHFPC's 2016 Annual Health and Family Planning Sector Development Report.
NHFPC and SATCM Issue Guiding Principles for Clinical Pathway Management of Medical Institutions(9/14/2017 )  (Premium)
  The NHFPC and SATCM issued the Guiding Principles for Clinical Pathway Management of Medical Institutions on September 6 with effect immediately. The document aims to strengthen such management, streamline medical practices and raise healthcare efficiency.
Product/R&D News
Galectin Therapeutics To Be Granted Chinese Patent for Its Lead Cirrhosis/Fibrosis Compound(9/13/2017 )  (Premium)
  Galectin Therapeutics, the leading developer of therapeutics that target galectin proteins, announced on September 12 that the Company has received a Decision to Grant from the Chinese Patent Office for its patent application for ¡°Composition of Novel Carbohydrate Drug for Treatment of Human Diseases.¡±
BeiGene Presents Preliminary Phase 1 Data for BGB-A317 in Multiple Solid Tumors at ESMO 2017(9/11/2017 )  (Premium)
  BeiGene presented on September 11 preliminary data from multiple disease-specific subgroups in the ongoing Phase 1A/1B trial of its investigational anti-PD-1 antibody BGB-A317 in advanced solid tumors at the ESMO 2017 Congress in Madrid, Spain.
Other News
Hays Poll: Job Seekers in China Prefer Personal Networking over Social Media for New Jobs(9/11/2017 )  (Premium)
  Social media may be a big part of people¡¯s daily lives in Mainland China, but it remains the least favored way to find a new job according to a poll conducted by recruiting experts, Hays.
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