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    PhIRDA on China's New Drug R&D: From Imitator to Innovator 5/19/2017
    The race for new drug research and development is essentially a competition of science and technology policies and systems, according to Song Ruilin, Executive President of China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA).

    Research and development of novel drugs demand high investment, a long cycle and high risk. A supportive policy environment with suffi cient funding and an eff ective and comprehensive regulatory system play a crucial role in driving drug research and innovation. Determined to become a leader in science and technology innovation, China, the world’s second-largest pharmaceutical market, has put drug innovation high on its development agenda. The launch of the National Science and Technology Major Project for Drug Innovation in 2008 by the Ministry of Science and Technology demonstrates the government’s commitment to this endeavour.

    This multi-billion dollar project aims to change the current high dependency on imports of patented drugs and to transform the Chinese pharmaceutical industry from imitating foreign patents to innovating new drugs. Targeting major diseases, the
    project has supported a series of new projects, including basic research on chemical compounds, pre-clinical pharmacological research and clinical studies. It has also funded the construction of large-scale technology platforms and incubation bases.

    Eight years after the launch of the Drug Innovation Major Project, China’s basic drug research capabilities have significantly improved, leading to increased publication of quality papers and multiple innovations of new drugs. Comprehensive
    technology platforms, including Good Clinical Practice (GCP) platforms and Good Laboratories Practice (GLP) platforms underlie an effective research and development system for drug innovation. Chinese pharmaceutical companies are becoming increasingly prominent in new drug discoveries and have successfully launched several first-in-class drug products.

    These innovative drugs have come to the market on the back of high-quality clinical studies, with many approved for clinical trials abroad, such as in the United States and Japan. 

    With the support of the Drug Innovation Major Project, a healthy environment for biomedical innovation will ensure China takes a leading position in new drug discovery.

    Please click on the following link to download this 2017 PhIRDA report, 

    PhRDA - From Imitator to Innovator.pdf

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