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    WiCON and PharmaGuys Launch Pharma China Training Institute 7/20/2015
    Beijing, China, July 20, 2015 – The Chinese pharmaceutical market is expected to top $300 billion by many estimates in 2020, making it the second largest pharma market in the world. Despite contemporary challenges and slowing Chinese economy, IMS expects the market to rise around 9% CAGR between 2015 and 2019, compared with 16% CAGR between 2010 and 2014.

    All of the world's leading 20 pharmaceutical companies now have established a sizable presence in China with expanding manufacturing facilities and R&D centers. Scores of MNCs have maintained double-digit annual growth in the country for many years.

    The rapid business expansion of MNCs in China and the Asia Pacific region is coupled with persistent demand for seasoned MNC pharma personnel with broad Chinese and international business exposures, specialized expertise and cross-cultural management experiences. While on-the-job learning and hands-on experience is important, it is also indispensable for MNC managers in China to get refreshed with internationally-advanced training in different expertise areas to learn new skill sets, gain valuable insights into innovative business processes and concepts, and acquire broader vision and business perspectives.

    Pharma China Training Institute (PCTI, www.pharmachinatraining.com) is therefore created by WiCON International Group LLC, the publisher of Pharma China, and PharmaGuys Information & Consulting, a leading provider of advanced pharmaceutical training services in China, to meet the growing needs of healthcare/pharma MNCs in China for internationally-advanced professional training, coaching and other service solutions. PCTI’s newly-launched training website, www.pharmachinatraining.com, provides detailed information on year-round training programs available from its internationally acclaimed trainers/experts with their valuable advisory input in their areas of expertise.

    PCTI’s programs are delivered in the forms of public courses, industry forums/symposiums, customized in-house training, and training sessions/events delivered over internet which are tailored for pharma MNC executives in China.

    Currently available specialty topics targeting MNC pharma executives in China include:

    - Forums/Symposiums
    - BD & Licensing
    - SFE & KAM
    - Training & Development
    - Legal Training for Non-legals
    - Finance for Non-financial Managers
    - International Business Etiquette for Pharma Managers

    PCTI is working with more internationally reputable training providers to develop training tailored for MNCs in China. These areas include:

    - Market Access
    - Market Research
    - Forecasting
    - Pricing
    - Health Economics/HTA
    - Marketing and Sales Management
    - Digital Marketing/e-Marketing
    - Brand Planning and Management
    - Life Cycle Management
    - Medical Science Liaison
    - Digital/e-Medical Affairs
    - GxP and Regulatory Affairs
    - R&D and Clinical Management
    - Outcomes Research

    The motto of PCTI is “Learn, Enrich, Improve, Grow and Succeed in Chinese and Global Pharma”. Through our high-impact and dynamic training and other service solutions, PCTI’s missions are three-fold: 1) helping pharma MNCs succeed in China by navigating around challenges and risks of this burgeoning but increasingly complex healthcare marketplace; 2) enriching the professional qualities of local Chinese and expatriate executives by introducing new skill-sets, expanding professional knowledge, bringing in international business perspectives and improving cross-culture communications, so as to assist clients improve, stabilize and build up their human resource pools; and 3) providing a high quality platform of business networking through our public events and executive activity programs.

    Most of our existing clients are international pharmaceutical companies in China. To demonstrate popularity of our programs, we have in the past worked with almost all of the leading pharma MNCs in China.

    All trainers, coaches, mentors or moderators of PCTI courses and programs are veterans of the international pharmaceutical industry (or their field of practice) who have many years of field and corporate management experience as former senior executives, consultants or lawyers. They also enjoy superb reputation and popularity globally as master trainers of their specialized fields.

    We welcome more internationally acclaimed training providers to contact us to discuss joint advanced training programs tailored for MNC pharma executives in China.

    For further information, please contact us or visit www.pharmachinatraining.com.

    Pharma China Training Institute

    A-11A, Oriental Kenzo Plaza
    48 Dongzhimenwai Dajie
    Beijing 100027, China
    Tel:     +86 10 8447 6010
    Fax:     +86 10 8447 6110
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