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    Testimonials from subscribers of Pharma China 8/29/2008
    The following subscriber testimonials were not requested and were given in routine our customer service communications.

    "I consider Pharma China as the best publication on industry and I love your incisive editorials" - GM, Ranbaxy China

    "Your insightful and comprehensive coverage of the China pharma industry is well appreciated, and it's particularly helpful for a newcomer (like me) trying to get a handle on the marketplace" - Senior BD executive, Wyeth

    "I have just read your piece on the SFDA scandal - I hope you have a bodyguard.  I will be proud to be on the board of a publication with such a fearless editor-in-chief!" - Principal, Brychem Business Consulting and member of Pharma China's advisory board  

    "I read Pharma China religiously every month" - Senior executive, FibroGen

    "Fantastic report/book!" (referring to China Pharmaceutical Guide 2008) - GM, PharmaLink China

    "Thank You. You do terrific work!" - Official, US Dept. of Commerce
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