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    Pharma China Chief Editor James Shen to Present at Two Upcoming Industry Conferences 1/4/2008

    Pharma China Chief Editor James Shen will make presentations at the following two upcoming conferences:

    1. Global Biopharmaceutical Outsourcing, February 25 to 26, 2008, The Loews Philadelphia Hotel - Philadelphia, PA


    Rising Global Importance of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry

    Review the big picture in China today and examine the rising global importance of Chinese Pharma including drivers, trends and data snapshots. Explore areas of outsourcing opportunities in China including:

    * R&D - various types and stages
    * Innovative research/In-licensing opportunities
    * OEM - API and intermediates
    * API Sourcing
    * Finished generic drug sourcing
    * Latest trends in Outsourcing from China

    2. Impact China IV - Pharmaceutical R&D and Global Summit, May 4 - 6, 2008, The Great Wall Sheraton Hotel, Beijing, China


    China - Global Hotspot for Strategic Growth and Outsourcing

    * The big picture through data snapshots
    * Structure of the Chinese pharma industry - a brief introduction
    * Rising global importance of Chinese Pharma 
    * Drivers, trends and data snapshots
    * Regulatory developments in the Chinese pharma sector 
    * R&D related opportunity areas in China R&D
    * Various types and stages
    * Innovative research/In-licensing opportunities
    * Contemporary issues and trends in R&D outsourcing from China

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