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    Pharma China (Web Edition) Upgraded 9/1/2007
    Starting from September 1, Pharma China (Web Edition) is upgraded. The old system will remain to be available temporarily at http://www.pharmachinaonline.com/old/index2.asp, but its content will no longer be updated.

    The upgraded Pharma China (Web Edition) has the following new features:
    1. The new system is powered by SQL database instead of previously MS Access. This allows us to build more applications and enable much faster searches;
    2. News and articles that are less than one year old can be found in "Pharma China Web Edition", while those older than one year will be transferred to "Pharma China Archives". This change will not impact the search function which will continue to search all articles irrespective of their publishing dates;
    3. An "Online Databases" channel is now added with four internal databases under development and a link to our SNAPI database. The four internal databases are expected to be completed before the end of this year and they will be available to all our gold package subscribers free. They are also available for upgrades or separate subscriptions by other subscribers and non-subscribers;
    4. A download center is added to make available various useful publications and documents to our premium and basic members;
    5. We added "Pharma China Forum" which will serve as an e-platform for visitors of Pharma China (Web Edition) to post messages and discuss China pharmaceutical related topics and opportunities; and
    6. Finally, Pharma China Weekly e-Alerts is now also available online at www.pharmachinaonline.com. We have upgraded our format of the e-Alerts.
    We apologize for any temporary inconveniences caused by the upgrade during the transitional period, but when it is fully completed, all our subscribers will be pleased with our new system which will provide more information, services and search power, and at the end of the day - better value.
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