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    WiCON Estimates Chinese Drug Market to be US$20 billion in 2005 4/18/2006
    April 18, 2006, Beijing – WiCON International Group, a leading business information and industry research firm specializing in China’s healthcare market, launched WiCON’s China Pharmaceutical Guide 2006 (an annual publication), in which estimated the size of the Chinese market for drug products, including Western medicines, biochemical drugs and traditional Chinese medicines, is CNY 158.5 billion (US$20 billion) at hospital purchase prices, and CNY 149.5 billion (US$19 billion) at ex-manufacturer prices in 2005.  The market is expected to grow between 14% to 18% in 2006.

    Challenges Clouding the Future …

    Despite the positive forecasts and encouraging trends from many authoritative sources, the pharmaceutical industry in China, including both local firms and multinationals, are facing serious challenges that may potentially jeopardize the future prospects of the pharmaceutical market in the country.

    The Guide is the most authoritative and comprehensive reference in English for pharmaceutical executives to plan, implement, monitor and supervise their China pharmaceutical businesses.  Written by the REAL experts with years of operational and senior experience in the field, the Guide will help executive navigate through the turbulent and complex Chinese healthcare business environment.

    With over 500 pages, WiCON’s China Pharmaceutical Guide provides a very comprehensive coverage with Eight major Parts and 44 Chapters in total excluding Preface, Executive Summary and Appendices.  Executive Summary provides a broad overview of China’s pharmaceutical industry and market, while Appendices provides English translations of major Chinese pharmaceutical related laws and regulations.

    Part I  - Social, Demographic and Economic Environment - Part I provides a birds-eye-view on China’s economy today covering the country’s demographic trends, its economic infrastructure, contemporary issues and recent trends in foreign investment.

    Part II - The Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry and Market - Firstly, Part II of the Guide examines the structure and development of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, as well as trends of foreign investment in the industry.  Secondly, an overview of China’s ethical pharmaceutical market and OTC pharmaceutical market is provided.  Additional subjects in Part II include intellectual property, and related import tariffs and tax issues. 

    Part III - Pharmaceutical Regulatory Framework - In Part III, China’s current regulatory structure, important pharmaceutical related laws and regulations, major government agencies and trade associations in the pharmaceutical field are examined and studied in details.

    Part IV - Healthcare Provision and Financing – Part IV provides an overview of medical provision and healthcare financing structure, as well as cost containment measures and contemporary issues in healthcare.

    Part V - Disease and Drug Consumption Patterns – This Part deals in great details with patterns of popular disease morbidity, hospital visits, and drug consumption at hospital and retail levels.  Chinese drug market size and segmentations as well as market shares between multinational and local drug products are analyzed.

    Part VI - Pharmaceutical Sales, Marketing and Distribution in ChinaPart VI covers strategies, practices and current trends of pharmaceutical sales, marketing and distribution in China at hospital and retail levels.

    Part VII - Contemporary Issues, Trends, and Opportunities – This Part looks at the current challenges, trends and potential growth opportunities facing the local pharmaceutical industry and multinationals.

    Part VIII - Market Entry Strategies and Execution – Part VIII provides practical guides to formulation and implementation of market entry strategies, and advices on potential problems and realities for expatriates and foreign companies operating in China’s complex pharmaceutical market environment.

    For a full table of contents of the Guide or additional information, please contact WiCON Pharmaceutical Group via fax: +1 702-9953905 (USA), +86 10 84476110 (China) or via e-mail: jshen@jicaipharma.com, or visit our website: www.pharmlinkchina.com.
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